In one of our native languages the word
'Thaba-Mahaka' means: The mountain of the Vultures.
Which compliments the areas where we hunt.
Most of our concessions are situated next to and
around the Waterberg Mountain Range.

Within this area you will find a huge variety of
habitats from savannah grasslands, forrest like
areas, mountainous hillsides, deep dark valleys with
rivers to semi-deserts!

You can find the Grey Ghost (Kudu), Impala, the very
dangerous Bushbuck, Warthog and elusive Bushpig,
Eland and Waterbuck in these areas.
The magnificently fast & powerful Leopard
is also to be found within these very areas.

The list goes on and on...


"It's been said that you have not lived at all until you have experienced
the charm, mythical lure and sheer raw excitement of the African Bush"